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Series 4

This is a short, up-to-date plot synopsis of The Tribe-Series 4!


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The Techno invasion has begun. Have the adults returned?

AMBER is in labour, with the pain getting worse. BRAY is not there.

ELLIE drags JACK from the mall so she can report on the landing of the plane for the Amulet. KC had already left to investigate.

EBONY instructs her Mosquitos supporters to investigate the invading forces. MOZ is missing. DEE, a Mosquito, tells EBONY that MOZ went to the airstrip to investigate herself. The Mozzies rebel against EBONY.

PRIDE and TRUDY resolve to find BRAY and AMBER.


A masked Techno makes himself known to AMBER.

CLOE hopes to see adults again.

EBONY and LEX discuss their potential fighting power against the invaders. TRUDY and PRIDE request BRAY and AMBER be returned.

CLOE discovers the mall is empty ... until she spies masked intruders.

DEE and some Mosquitos approach a group of Technos to find out if they are adults and have come to help. VED, a Techno, reveals that they aren't adults ... and the only people thay are going to help are themselves. JACK and ELLIE witness the Techno attack on the Mosquitos. They rescue an injured DEE and take her back to the Mall.

JAY, VED'S older brother and the more responsible of the two, calls for the Techno sound and fury.


JACK and ELLIE return with DEE to discover the Mall empty. Where has everyone else gone? They aren't with EBONY.

PRIDE and TRUDY are led to the city limits where LEX "farewelled" BRAY and AMBER. Sudden explosions are heard erupting from the city. LEX and PRIDE return, fearful for TAI SAN, MAY ans the others. TRUDY and BRADY continue on their quest alone.

VED and their convoy of Techno vehicles plough through the city. A tehno-beat throbs from the hundreds of car-mounted speakers.

TRUDY happens upon the barn and hears AMBER scream in pain.

The Mall Rats regroup and lament the loss of their friends. CLOE is found unharmed under a bed. EBONY vows that this new enemy will not defeat them!



AMBER is having a difficult labour. TRUDY is determined to get AMBER through this. With or without BRAY.

The Mall Rats have become disheartened. PRIDE has seen kids being loaded into trucks. The Mall Rats wonder if this has been the fate of the missing Mall Rats.

LEX wants action, but EBONY first wants to male something quite clear. She's still the boss.

ELLIE swears she does not need a man in her life, especially after LUKE taking off. However she is glad to have JACK around again.

EBONY rallies everyone up to head the TEchno's Headquarters. The fight is going to the enemy! EBONY may lie and cheat, but she sure has nerve, thinks PRIDE.


Fear grips TRUDY when she finds BRAY's leather necklace with AMBER'S ring.

JAY and VED watch as the Mall Rats approach the Techno HQ. JAY warns VED not to lose his cool.

DEE alerts EBONY to VED. Watch out because this particular Techno has a very short fuse.

SALENE arrives home to the empty Mall bringing back some extra baggage. Where is everyone?

JAY tries to assure the Mall Rats that the Technos aren't here to harm anyone. LEX and VED get into a heated argument. LEX suffers the consequence of VED's temper.


AMBER tells TRUDY of a masked Techno. Did he have something to do with BRAY'S disappearance? Will either return?

The Mall Rats return home with an injured LEX. CLOE is overjoyed to see SALENE has returned. But who do these new kids belong to?

JACK is impressed with the Techno devices. He is convinced that these new kids on the block are more powerful and threatening than the Chosen and the Locos put together.

The Technos' leader arrives in the city with two masked beauties.



LEX dreams of the words the GUARDIAN prophesised to him.

JACK follows ELLIE to the farm to look for ALICE. On their way they spy a Techno patrol.

JAY reports to RAM, the Techno leader. Phase One is over, with Phase Two ready for launch.

TRUDY tells AMBER the news of the invaders. Was BRAY taken?

PRIDE vows that he won't help EBONY.

ALICE isn't at the farm. JACK admits he might be gone soon too.


CLOE wants PRIDE to be the leader when they topple EBONY. DEE searches for EBONY ... the Tribal leaders have called a meeting.

Meanwhile in the Techno HQ: VED flirts with JAVA, one of RAM'S close companions. JAY distributes the communicators for Phase Two.

LEX doesn't appreciate the new friends SALENE returned with.

VED'S roving eyes spot DEE in the Casino.

The Tribal Leaders want EBONY out of the power seat. They want to fight the invaders.

JAVA and SIVA intervene before VED can capture DEE. VED is told to return to HQ, but not before DEE does some pick-pocketing.


EBONY convinces the Tribal Leaders that they need to bide their time and gather information about the invaders rather than attack with an all out battle. The Mall Rats aren't happy.

AMBER names her baby.

DEE shows EBONY the fruits of her pick-pocketing. Will this give EBONY the information she needs to bring about the Technos' downfall?



Jay is furious with VED for losing his communicator control box. Thanks to DEE the communicator is now in the hands of EBONY and JACK.

PRIDE is far too concerned with the Techno's to notice that CLOE is growing into a young woman. However LEX does notice.

SALENE plans a ceremony for the friends they have lost.

JAVA tries to coax personal information out of JAY. He's such a mystery man which she finds alluring. JAY is hardly about to open up to JAVA.

AMBER, TRUDY and the babies take shelter for the night.

RAM lets JAY choose his brothers punishment.


SALENE is learning just how grown up CLOE thinks she is. Especially her cheeky mouth!

AMBER decides to return to her people - the Eco-Tribe.

JACK is ecstatic - has he discovered the Techno's Achilles heel?

EBONY and JACK resolve to find the Techno's beacon.

Meanwhile, RAM tracks the location of the missing communicator control box to the Mall. Bingo!!


CLOE is sick with jealousy as she observes PRIDE and SALENE playing happy families.

Before he departs on his mission JACK gives ELLIE his lucky whistle. She has lost ALICE, she doesn't want to lose JACK too. They part with a passionate embrace.

JACK and EBONY find the beacon at the Techno's perimeter.

SALENE starts the ceremony for the lost Mall Rats.

JACK starts to scale the fence of the Techno perimeter. EBONY watches and waits.



EBONY arrives back at the Mall to accusations of getting rid of JACK. ELLIE is distraught.

PRIDE confronts EBONY was this a way to cut a deal with the Technos? LEX intervenes, Technos dont cut deals with anyone they have all the power.

At the Technos HQ, RAM inspects video footage of JACK. RAM points out that JAY should be looking for one more virt. VED knows who it is!

ELLIE blames herself for JACKs capture. Why did she make him stay at the Mall? SALENE tells ELLIE not to give up hope. JACK may still be in the city.

The wild girl and boy wreck LEXS shrine to TAI SAN. LEX is ballistic! Hell teach those animals a lesson!


SALENE and PRIDE talk passionately about the future of the city and EBONYs behaviour. CLOE walks in on them. Has she interrupted something private.

TRUDY wonders whether AMBER has become deluded in her quest to return to the eco-tribe.

JAY decides its time to pay EBONY a visit.

PRIDE explains to the wild pair that their actions were bad. He gives them the option to leave if they intend to carry on with such behaviour.


CLOE visits PRIDE in his bedroom.

JAYs visit to EBONY in the middle of the night does not go unnoticed by DEE.

The Mall Rats call for EBONY to lead them to war against the TECHNOs. Are they out of their minds? ELLIE says they must for JACKS sake.

AMBER, TRUDY, BRADY and BABY BRAY arrive to find the Eco-tribe camp empty.. Exhausted, and in shock, AMBER collapses.

As war looms, EBONY is torn between what is good for the Mall Rats, and what is good for her.



EBONY lets JAY know that he needs her to help keep the peace. JAY is amused.

JAVA seethes as she watches EBONY and JAY talking. If only she could hear what they are saying.
LEX starts to rally the Mall Rats with talk of the raid.

DEE cannot get the memory of JAY leaving EBONYs suite out of her mind. Is EBONY up to something?

SALENE assures ELLIE that if ALICE and JACK are still at the compound they will find them.

EBONY cuts a deal with JAY

A jealous CLOE refuses to look after the kids while SALENE and PRIDE are at the raid. But PRIDE charms her.


Lean, mean SALENE prepares to fight.

EBONY leads her posse to the Technos HQ. But they walk straight in to a trap. Fierce fighting breaks out. But no one is prepared for the booming sonic sound that pounds out of Techno speakers.

CLOE writes PRIDE a poem and leaves it in his room.


JAY threatens to harm EBONY, but EBONY takes it in her stride. The Mall Rats look on impressed, with some obviously flabbergasted.

ELLIE feels panic this is her only chance to find JACK.

The wild kids back at the Mall happily play in PRIDEs room. They find paper to make a dart.

After watching the battle take place on webcam RAM decides to set JAVA and SIVA the task of gathering information about EBONY.

Will they let RAM know just how easy this will be?