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Tribe Series 2 Latest Report End of Week 23 The Final week of Tribe 2 filming!

Production for Tribe Series 2 is now officially completed. Friday 4th February 2000 was the last day of shooting - and the 116th shooting day in total. Wow! What a busy week! What a busy series!

Six long months of production filming 52 x half-hours (26 hours) have now come to an end.

Monday was a huge day with shooting taking place at the beach. There were three different filming units, consisting of a total of over 250 people. The day started at 5.30am and didnt finish until about 8pm.

Tuesday was a parallel shooting day with two production units shooting at the same time but on different locations. One unit was in the Cloud 9 studio and the other was shooting at a local racetrack.

Wednesday turned into another mammoth day with two production units. One unit filming near the Cloud 9 production base and the other around Wellington city streets. The city shoot went late into the rainy night - about 11 pm!

Thursday was also a parallel shooting day with one crew in the studio and one out on location both day and night. Once again the night shoot didnt wrap until at least 11pm. You`ve got to have stamina to be in television!

Finally we made it to Friday, just one single unit. The crew were able to have a sleep in and not start until 9.30 and the earliest pick-up was Vanessa Stacey (ALICE) at 7.45am.

With the last scene of the entire show being shot outside at about 7.30pm all the crew and cast who were not working were able to stand by and watch the last scene. As soon as John Callen, our Director called "cut" everyone started throwing confetti and streamers.

Michael Wesley-Smith (JACK) had confetti all through his hairbut it wasnt all over, the Director requested the scene was shot againbut Michaels hair was full of confetti. All the make-up artists had to run over the pick it all out of his hair. Luckily, this wasnt too hard! Once the scene had been shot everyone was so happy.

All of the cast were looking forward to their break and those who live away from their families were really looking forward to going home and seeing them all again.

But first, there was "The Wrap Party" on Saturday 5th February. This is a traditional end of production celebration when the cast and crew get together to celebrate old times and what happened during the production and to say farewell to each other until the next production.

The venue was in downtown Wellington and the party started at about 19.30 pm - and went on until about 4am! Cast and crew partied the night away celebrating. A special music band made up of some of the Cloud 9 team played music. One member of the band was Caleb Ross (LEX) who got up and sang and played guitar. Caleb is an accomplished musician and had fun performing, which was appreciated by the audience.

The weather in the 23rd and final week of production of Tribe Series 2 (Monday 31st January to Friday 4th February) was:

Monday: Fine
Tuesday: Light showers and southerly winds
Wednesday: Southerly winds, showers and a cold night outside
Thursday: Fine and light northerly breeze
Friday: Fine, northerly winds!

Series 2 is time series 3!