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The Cast

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Amber is the one with the motherly instincts in The Tribe.

Beth Allen

Beth was 14 years old in Series I - she is now 16 and has been acting since 1993. She was a member of the PAS Children`s Theatre and appeared in Pinnochio and Hairy Maclary at Auckland`s Aotea Centre.

She has been in several television commercials, had a guest role as Eva in the television drama Riding High and played Young Julie in the feature film The Ugly.

Beth was a core cast member in Cloud 9`s The Legend of William Tell, in which she played Princess Vara.

This was followed by a lead role in William Shatner`s A Twist in the Tail - The Green Dress.



Cloe is loveable and sensitive but she`s easily frightened.

Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu

Jaimee was 11 years old in Series I - she is now 13. She has a variety of experience in film, radio and television. She has had roles in the short films Clown Story (1996) and The Birthday (1994) and she played the lead in the short film The Kiwi and the Water Melon (1993).

Her television work includes roles in The Visitation and Xena. Most recently, Jaimee has worked as a reporter on What Now for KVNZ.

She has recorded several radio commercials and has a weekly radio spot with Wellington radio station, the Breeze.



Ebony is the beautiful leader of the evil Locusts. Ebony knows how to fight for what she wants.

Meryl Cassie

Meryl was 14 years old in Series I - she is now 16. She has trained in drama at the Young People`s Theatre and Nathan Homestead.

Her experience in front of the camera includes numerous photographic shoots as well as extra work on Hercules and Shortland Street.

Meryl loves to sing and does just that at every chance she gets.



Lex is TheTribe`s very own `lion` - with strength, beauty and pride. He is battling with Bray to be leader of The Tribe.

Caleb Ross

Caleb was 17 years old in Series I - he is now 19. As a member of the Whangeri Amateur Opera and Dramatics Society he has had a variety of stage experiences including roles in Evita, Godspell and Peter Pan.

In 1994 Caleb played the part of Brett in the New Zealand feature film Avondale Dogs.

His recent television work includes playing Temecula in Xena and Logan Patterson in Shortland Street. Caleb has also had roles in Hercules and Plainclothes.



Salene is a goody two-shoes and always makes sure everyone is happy with her

Victoria Spence

Victoria was 14 years old in Series I - She is now 16. She has experience as a stills photographic model and has appeared in several television commercials.

Her drama work includes a lead role in The Joker as well as parts in Memory and Desire, Shortland Street, Jack be Nimble and Mother Tongue.

Victoria played the part of Zoe in William Shatner`s A Twist in the Tale - The Duellists.



Trudy is a beautiful yet troubled soul.

Antonia Prebble

Antonia was 14 years old in Series I. She is now 16. She last appeared for Cloud 9 as Jem in A Crack in Time in the series William Shatner`s A Twist in the Tale.

Prior to this Antonia played the lead role in the television drama series Mirror Mirror. She has theatre experience having appeared in Starchild in 1994 and The Magical Kingdom of Thingymijig in 1993.

Antonia studied ballet for 8 years and also plays the flute, the recorder and guitar.



A practical joker with a sense of humour, Ellie`s pranks can sometimes get her into trouble. Impulsive and eccentric, Ellie is learning about life. A computer expert, Ellie is attracted to Jack and determined to use her skills to find out more about the virus.

Jennyfer Jewell

Jennyfer was 15 years old in Series I of the Tribe and has a lot of experience in television. Her previous roles include the Enid Blyton Secret Series and The Enid Blyton Adventure Series (also made by Cloud 9) as well as Mirror Mirror and The Storytellers.

She has also been in theatre in The Thingamajigs and the Buzz O`Bumble Show, as well as roles in short films and commercials.

Jennyfer attended the Film Acting Workshop and performed Ballet for four years.

Jennyfer enjoys bicycling, dance, horse riding, music, running, singing, skiing and swimming.



A prominent member of the "eco-tribe", Pride is shy, reserved and polite. He lives by a code of conduct, means no harm to others and has an affinity with nature. But if necessary Pride will take action and be forthright without hesitation to defend what he feels is right. Is his future in the city or back in the countryside? He has deep feelings for Amber - but might he settle down with someone else?

Nick Miller

Nick is 20 years old and has acting experience in a range of media.

He has a variety of stage experiences including roles in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Summer Shakespeare, Arcadia and of course many school productions.

Nick has made appearances in guest roles on many of New Zealand`s soaps and dramas. He made his television debut in 1996 in an ongoing role as Sean Kearney on Shortland Street. Nick has also had guest roles on Street Legal and Jacksons Wharf.

The Tribe Series III was his first Core cast role.

Nick enjoys, singing, canoeing, skydiving, swimming, rock climbing and being a DJ.



Jay is RAM's general in the Technos and is renowned and respected for his brilliant strategies and practical thinking. He supervises all security matters for the Technos and ground operations in the city. Jay hopes the Technos can use their technical expertise and skills to build a better world and his relationship with RAM is sometimes marked with tension as Jay senses RAM's ultimate vision may be different to his own...

James Napier

James is 19 years old and has a wide range of acting experience.

James has had many roles in television prior to his main role in Tribe Series 4, and is known to many for a major role in TV's long-running soap, "Shortland Street".



Eccentric and brilliant in equal measure - RAM is the undisputed leader of the Technos. A childhood prodigy, everyone recognises RAM as a visionary and genius - none more than himself. With his disability he faces challenges and he is also a hypochondriac, a little paranoid, and has an explosive temper but his followers believe these are outweighed by his mathematical, technical and computer skills. He is ruthless but rewards loyalty and performance. RAM has a dream which he is determined to realise - but will it turn into a nightmare for everyone else?

Tom Hern

Tom is 17 years old and has acting experience in television and the theatre.

Previously, Tom has been a presenter on television's "What Now?" series.

Tom in his spare time enjoys music and is an accomplished singer, musician and writer.



As younger brother to Jay, many think VED has a lot to live up to - but he is determined to lead his own life and is very different to Jay. Unlike steady Jay, VED is impulsive, headstrong, stubborn and unpredictable - this leads him into troubles at times. He enjoys wielding power and female company but is dismissive of "verts" (non-Technos). Second only to RAM in computer skills and technical competence, VED is inspired by RAM, who seems more of an influence and role model than Jay is for him. VED is a rebel with a cause.

Dan Weekes

Dan is 15 years old and has had previous acting experience on television and the stage.

Dan enjoys playing rugby and softball and his favourite actor is Tom Hanks.



As one of RAM's "girls", JAVA exercises great influence within the Technos. She is loyal and protective of RAM, appreciating all he has done for her. JAVA is also respected on her own merits - she has excellent computer skills but is mostly admired (and feared) as a ruthless warrior with great fighting skills. This has led JAVA to accompany Jay on many ground operations - and she has developed quite an attraction for Jay. Should she chase Jay or stay with RAM? A face from the past threatens to shadow the future of JAVA and her sister, SIVA.

Megan Alatini

Megan comes from a family with a tradition in the entertainment industry and is herself a very talented singer, previously being in Kiwi chart-toppers "Truebliss". Megan has appeared in other television roles including Shortland Street, Young Hercules and various television commercials.

She is a keen netball player and has represented New Zealand in Touch Rugby.



Like her sister, JAVA, Siva is bethrothed as one of RAM's "girls" and carries considerable influence in the Technos. But unlike JAVA, Siva is not content with this - she fears RAM for his anger and jealousy and doesn't like being anybody's "property". Siva is looking for genuine love with the guy of her dreams - this isn't RAM. But she is loyal to RAM for what he has done for her and will defend him. With good computer skills and hand-to-hand fighting, SIVA often leads ground operations for the Technos. She and JAVA sometimes argue about RAM and what to do - but they are united in loathing and contempt for someone from their past who may threaten their futures...

Monique Cassie

Monique portrays Java's sister on screen in Tribe 4 and in real life, is sister to Megan Alatini!

Monique is a very talented singer and dancer as well as actress. She has had various roles in Hercules, Xena, and Shortland Street.



Before the Technos, Dee was deputy to Moz's in the Mosquito Tribe. Fate brings her to the Mall Rats. Dee sincerely wants the city to be peaceful and prosperous once more and will do all she can to achieve this. She will protect her own family tribe from danger and is courageous. Dee has a sense of humour which sometimes results in witty comments - other times, in sarcasm. She does not aspire to ever lead and is happy to be "one of the gang". She hopes to meet "Mr Right" one day but in the meantime is quite suspicious and cynical about men - but who knows what fate has in store for her...?

Kelly Stevenson

Kelly is 18 years old and has long dreamed of being in the entertainment industry.

She is a terrific singer and loves music as well as being a natural actress.



For such a young boy, Charlie has been through a great deal since the virus. The traumas he has experienced have left him scarred and taught him and his sister, MOUSE, how to survive at all costs. They share a very close bond and Charlie is protective of Mouse. Charlie distrusts strangers and it will take time for him to feel safe and accept others. Charlie is genuine - what you see is what you get - and enjoys light-hearted mischief-making; even if the receivers of this aren't as appreciative!

Charley Samau

Charley is a natural actor and loves to be on stage. The Tribe is his first core cast role.



Size is not everything. Mouse may be small and young but she has her own distinct character and makes a big impact. Although younger than her brother Charlie, Mouse is more extrovert and vocal and in some ways, controls things more than her older brother. Mouse is looking for a stable and loving home but like Charlie, is initially distrustful and cynical of strangers. Mouse has precocious entrepreneurial skills and is keen to spot an opportunity for a quick profit. She loves making mischief and having fun but has a kind heart overall and will do what she can to help others. This Mouse is the youngest - but not the most quiet - of the Mall Rats.

Jacinta Wawatai

Jacinta is 9 years old and is the youngest member of the leading Tribe cast (apart from Brady!).

Jacinta is a talented natural actress and she enjoys playing netball.

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