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Island In The Sun

With Cloe


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Exclusive Interview with Jaimee Kaire Gataulu (Cloe)


OH ISLAND IN THE SUN... with Jaimee Kaire Gataulu

TW - If you were stuck on a desert island with 3 other people what is the first thing that you would do?

JKG - Check out who the 3 other people were, then go all survivory and try to find food and shelter

TW - If you could choose the 3 people youd want to be stuck with, who would they be and what are your reasons for choosing them?

JKG - Meyers from "Bootcamp" - hes strong and I could look at him all day...he can build stuff too. Keanu Reeves- hes the most kissable person ever and hes so cute and Id like to meet him.
Heath Ledger hes so hot and all my friends would be so jealous!

TW - If you could take 3 items with you, what would they be?

JKG - camera, blanket, cellphone with WAP access thats guaranteed to work!

TW - Where would you build a shelter (eg on a hill, on the beach, etc.) and why?

JKG - On the beach and on a hill so I could go wherever to suit my mood.

TW - Do you know how to make fire without matches or a lighter?

JKG - I know how but I don't know if itd actually work.


TW - What would you eat?

JKG - Fruit bananas and coconuts from the trees cause I think thatd be the only stuff available.

TW - Would you eat rats if you had to?

JKG - Maybeonly if I had to, if my life depended on it, but not by choice.

TW - Know any good desert island recipes?

JKG - Coconut ice and banana cake!

TW - Would you be more Tom Hanks Castaway quiet and reflective or Swiss Family Robinson styles, building elaborate treehouses and making the most of things?

JKG - Swiss Family Robinson definitely.

TW - What are the 3 things you would miss the most if you were stuck on an island?

JKG - My family, my best friends and chocolate!


TW - What would be your greatest offering that would help you and the other 3 get by on the island without going insane? (eg good humour, storytelling abilities, first aid knowledge, survivor instincts, etc.)

JKG - My making up and reciting stories ability. Also my motivation.

TW - How would you make your escape from the island?

JKG - Id call my Mum from my guaranteed to work cellphone and ask her to get me out! Or maybe Id make a boat and sail away.

TW - What is the first thing that you would do upon arriving safely home again?

JKG - Visit all my friends and family, develop my photos and stay in contact with my 3 island buddies.

Beth Allen sails to the Island In The Sun next time!