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Guy Fawkes Interviews


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How did you celebrate Bonfire Night as a child?

CALEB ROSS - I used to live on a farm, and we would have a bonfire and let off heaps of fireworks, it was great, coz you could hear and see all the neighbours doing the same.

JAIMEE KAIRE GATAULU -We always had fireworks and since I was young I've always been able to hold sparklers but only recently I've lit the big fireworks.

MERYL CASSIE - Would celebrate it with friends and family! Find a hot spot, admire the atmosphere, sing our hearts out, eat junk and have a ball!!

TORI SPENCE - Get lots of fire crackers and let them off on the beach.

Whats your clearest memory of Bonfire Night?

CALEB ROSS - Lighting Roman Candles with all my family.

JAIMEE KAIRE GATAULU - Last bonfire night when I lit all the big fireworks, well actually all the fireworks.

MERYL CASSIE - I just remember when I was 7, I could operate my first sparkler!! I could even write my name with it. (I was overwhelmed)!

TORI SPENCE - When I was old enough to hold my first sparkler. It was so exciting.

What do you plan to do this year for 5th November?

CALEB ROSS - No plan yet, hopefully spend it with my brothers down here.

JAIMEE KAIRE GATAULU - Light more fireworks.

MERYL CASSIE - Find a hotspot (first of all), invite everyone I know to celebrate the moment together. Eat junk, dance till I drop, and admire, admire, admire, admire! PARTY! SENSATIONAL!

TORI SPENCE - Go up to the park near my home with a picnic and let off our own fire works and watch others. Party Party Party.

What would be your ideal Bonfire night party?

CALEB ROSS - Huge fire, lots of friends, couple of guitars, and heaps of fun.

JAIMEE KAIRE GATAULU - Lots of friends, lots of food, lots of fireworks equals lots of fun.

MERYL CASSIE - Get a private island with friends and family. Create an atmosphere of our own. Dance, party, create the scene! GO GUY FAWKES NIGHT!!!

TORI SPENCE - Spent with family and friends with a great view and lots of fire works and a beautiful summers night.

Is there any particular food that reminds you of Bonfire night?


JAIMEE KAIRE GATAULU - Not at all. It's not a very bIg celebration in my family.

MERYL CASSIE - Oh Yeeeeah! A whole heap of junk.

TORI SPENCE - Hot and spicy food finished off with marshmallows on the fire.

A special Bonfire night message for fans:-

CALEB ROSS - Have an awesome night, but don't be stupid about it.

JAIMEE KAIRE GATAULU - Have fun but be safe, this bonfire night.

MERYL CASSIE - Be safe, be cool, live life to the fullest, and then you'll really go boom!! Haha. Party all night, enjoy the pleasures of life and cherish the moment. It'll be hot...Literally!

TORI SPENCE - Have a "Cracking" night. Be careful and be safe.