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Inside Tribeworld Interview

Moon tells us more....


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Inside Tribeworld - Interview with MOON

We have a new type of interview. We're going to chat to some of the characters in Tribeworld and see what they have to say. What do they see for the future and how do they plan to survive?

Our next interview is with Moon, member of the Horse Traders.


Who are the Horse Traders and what are their values?

We try to keep our heads above ground. We keep moving to keep trading. We deal in horses mainly. I suppose we lead a fairly simple life and at times it can be hard. Everyone has it hard in this world. Then again, it's only what you make of it.

How did you meet Pony Joe?

After a few weeks of fending for ourselves, my sister and I, were taken in by Pony Joe and the others. They gave us food and shelter. Unfortunately my sister died just a few weeks later. She got a fever and we couldn't break her out of it. Pony Joe can be quite possessive but he runs the tribe really well.

Are you happy with the lifestyle and Tribe you have chosen?

I'm satisfied at the moment but I know there must be a better life out there, if only I go and find it. I suppose change is always a hard thing and I have been with the Horse Traders for so long. I would like to find a piece of land to call home and to stop travelling from one place to another.


Lots of other people must have the same ideas. Lots of people are just trying to survive. I suppose I have it lucky, because things could be much worse.

What plans did you have for you and Bray?

Bray was such a lost soul when we found him. He was deeply troubled. I suppose I thought that if we both had the same outlook then maybe we could start a new life together. Something fresh, something new and something to look forward to. It just wasn't meant to be I guess.

Will Moon make another appearance in the Tribe?