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Kelly's Diary

Kelly's Diary - Week 1!


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Kelly is one of the luckiest Tribe fans in the galaxy - she landed a part in The Tribe series IV, currently in production, and she is bringing you a weekly exclusive diary behind the scenes...


Today is the 4th October 2001 and I have a day off. But Ive come in to shoot a behind the scenes video on Post Production.

At the start of filming I had a lot of early pick ups and late finishes. But recently its been quiet as Ive had a few days off.

One of my favourite scenes recently was when I was in disguise cause I had cool makeup, my hair was really wacky and I loved the scripts, as the lines were quite dippy (ditzy).

One of my hardest scenes over the last couple of weeks was when I had this huge dialogue day. I had a big paragraph that I had to learn the night before. I was so scared that I wasnt going to get it rightbut I did!!! Which was cool.

Ive been working quite closely with Ebony and Lex in a lot of my scenes up until now. But in the last few days Ive been doing quite a few scenes with Cloe.


The storylines are great and the progression of the characters, especially Cloe, are becoming very mature.

I found out recently from Raymond Thompson that I may be recording some songs. But as yet Im not sure when that will be. Hopefully soon.

Until next time

Keep the Dream Alive

Kez (Dee)

Part 2 on its way!!!