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Tribe Trivia

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The Sound Designer

When making a television programme certain noises and sounds need to be enhanced or sometimes deleted. The most common noises to be reproduced and inserted are footsteps, clothing movement and natural sounds like wind. These sounds are called foley.
Most of these sounds are already stored as sound waves in a computer but sometimes there is the need to record something different. As an example if you needed footsteps of someone crunching through snow, a great way to imitate this sound could be with cornflakes. Crunching them in a bowl sounds very much like crunching snow.

Bob the dog has almost no lines. When a whine or a bark is needed, it is picked from a huge library of noises.


The Dialogue Editor

The dialogue editor's job is to piece together all the dialogue. If a scene is shot and there is a loud noise in the middle of it the actor will need to come in for ADR (Additional Diaglogue Requirement). They re-record their lines in a sound proof room watching a copy of the scene on a video player in front of them. Some lights countdown the few seconds before the lines and the recording is made. This is also the process for voiceovers and any other noises or lines needed.

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