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Open Letter

Open Letter from ARI BOYLAND - (KC)


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Hi Everybody,
I hope your enjoying the Tribe so far. Youll be pleased to know that the Chosen and the Guardian really get to kick butt in Series III (which is even more exciting than I and II)

I was blown away by some of the web sites you guys have created in particular which is fantastic and definitely worth checking out.

In between Series II and III I had a couple of months off so I returned to my first love, the theatre. I went to Auckland and acted in a play called A Mans World which was about three guys who spend the night in prison, one of them is a Maori guy, the other is a Tongan, and I play the Pakeha (white guy). The play went really well and you never know we might get to tour it around the country when I get a break from the Tribe.

I also directed another play called FAll which is also by a New Zealand playwright. This was the third play that Ive directed and directing is definitely something Im interested in doing more of.
As well as acting and directing I have done a little bit of writing for the theatre. About a year ago I wrote a play called Split with a friend of mine Kelson Henderson. During the break from the Tribe Kelson and I toured Split to Hamilton and performed there as part of their FUEL Arts Festival.

Because acting is such an unstable career I like to diversify into writing and directing to keep myself employed during the lean times. If any of you out there are budding actors my advice to you would be to make sure that you have another job that you can fall back on.

Keep watching you aint seen nothing yet.
Power and Chaos!

P.S You can Email me at

Who could be up next for open letter???