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Head 2 Head

This week it is Zandra and Amy Morrsion!


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We have a new interview format here called "Head to Head`. We have interviewed members of cast and put their answers to different questions against answers we feel would be given by their fictional characters in the Tribe.

So here we make the comparison and see if there are any similarities as Zandra and Amy Morrsion go HEAD TO HEAD...


Favourite Colour?

Amy Morrison: Blue/Grey
ZANDRA : Pink - Zandra likes many colours but she is often in pink.

Best subjects at school?

Amy Morrison: English and Art
ZANDRA : Zandra would probably have loved Clothing Design. Her materialistic attitude would have had her designing the best in clothing!

Worst subjects at school?

Amy Morrison: Science and Maths!
ZANDRA : I don`t think Zandra would have like Science and Maths either!

Hobbies and interests in time-off

Amy Morrison: Hanging out with friends, playing hockey, going to the movies and shopping!
ZANDRA : Zandra is always the romantic. Zandra always has good intentions and is a bit of an idealist. Shes often trying to be romantic. She also loves clothes if you could call that a hobby. Friends are also important to her so hanging out with friends would be high on her list of things to do.

Favourite quote, phrase or motto?

Amy Morrison: "It works better if you plug it in." A phrase that sums me up because I always forget simple things like that.
ZANDRA : "Isn`t that right Lex" Zandra said things like this quite often. She looked up to Lex and would look for recognition from him.


Left or right-handed?

Amy Morrison: "Right handed"
ZANDRA: Zandra seems to be right handed

What would you call your Tribe if you were leader?

Amy Morrison: "The Cool Tribe?"
ZANDRA: Zandra may have thought of the same name. She is quite materialistic and prides herself on her appearance. The Cool Tribe might suit her personality.

Favourite food?

Amy Morrison: McDonald`s!!! Most fast food especially chinese fried rice and noodles. My Mum`s roasts.
ZANDRA: Chicken. Lex stole Cloe`s chicken to have for their honeymoon dinner.

Heroes or heroines?

Amy Morrison: I admire Jodie Foster, Tom Hanks, Anthony Hopkins, Robert De Niro, all the legendary actors/actresses like that.
ZANDRA: Zandra always looked up to Ryan. He always looked after her and helped her out of trouble.

In the following weeks Lex, KC, Jack and Tai-San will all be going Head 2 Head! So far we have had Amber and Zandra!