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Antonia's Eviction- Day 20
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Transcript Of Antonia's Eviction Talk!
Interviewer: Hello Antonia

Antonia: Hi ya  Mark.

Interviewer: How are you coping with being evicted?

Antonia: Im very sad to leave the house (begins to cry) the public must hate me to choose Sophie over me.

Interviewer: Well, there was only 4% in it and I think the public want to keep Sophie in because she is annoying everyone so much. You were portrayed as maybe a bit depressed and you and Antony were always fighting.

Antonia: Antony is a creep I want him to be evicted next.

Interviewer: Now, you voted for Coach Shane and Antony. Why?

Antonia: Coach Shane is ok most of the time but he loves himself and would rather be out on the football pitch. He just takes life like a football game. Antony is a big loser, he was so nasty to me and (starts to cry) I just wish I could have had it out with him.

Interviewer: Who did you get on with most in the house?

Antonia: Well, the popular guys, Sabrina and Josh and sometimes Octavia.

Sabrina: How could you say that about Melvin Vermont, he sucks.

Antonia: Sabrina dear!

Interviewer: Shut-up both of you.

Josh: I know how you saw Octavias loveliness.

Interviewer: Who do you want to win big brother?

Antonia: I think now maybe Antony, he is really handsome, and Im really gonna miss him. Oh(starts to cry) I cant do without him for much longer.

Interviewer: Who do you think nominated you?

Antonia: Coach Shane, Jet, Beanie and maybe Antony.

Interviewer: Lets take a look!

Octavia: My second nomination is Antonia, Antonia is constantly fighting with Antony, they both need some time out but I have nothing against her.

Sophie: I'm nominating Antonia as she tried to hurt Mr. Fluffybunny by sitting on him, she's also annoying Antony.

Beanie: I'm going to nominate Antonia as she is sweet, and Jet says she's also plotting our demise. What's a demise?

Antony: I'm going to nominate Antonia as she won't shut up about getting back together. No way!

Interviewer: Well, any surprises there Antonia?

Antonia: (starts to cry) they all hate me.

Interviewer: Last question Antonia! Who will be next for the nomination vote?

Antonia: Sophie, Antony, Beanie and Jet.

Interviewer: That's great Antonia, until the next eviction see ya, but remember big atlantis brother is watching!