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My Atlantis High Story
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My own Atlantis High fantasy!

This is the story of untold events in the Atlantis High series......


Beanie was very sick. Jet and Giles were around to see how he was doing but he was getting worse. Beanie's ears had shrunk and his face was getting very purple.

"Have you been drinking my raibo flavoured shooting square punch with hazel sprinkles dabbed with rich honeycomb wax on top, again Beanie!" demanded Jet.

"," Beanie gasped.

"Jet...calm down...this has happened before remember the time Mrs. Vermont made those highly concentrated organic something at Octavia's party, he ate that and was puking for a week?" said Giles calmly.

"But his ears never looked like that and he never turned purple did he Giles" cried Jet!

Beanie was getting more purple by the minute and Jet was getting really worried, even Giles began to jerk!

"Octavia, she'll know what to do..." said Giles at last.

"Are you sure, Giles" moaned Jet.

Giles was already running to the PRIMROSE CAFE as Octavia was always there on a Saturday.


When Giles and Octavia arrived back at Beanie's place he was was Jet. Giles was flabergasted. Where had they gone?

Suddenly Sabrina, who was returing from a day on the beach heard Giles and walked slowly towards him shouting "Did you see it nerd, that weirdo Beanie, the one with the big ears...rumour has it a spaceship abducted him, it appeared across the beach and then just picked him up, a girl to...must be getting rid of the trash an the creeps around it Giles or you'll be next,"she laughed walking away.

Giles and Octavia were stunned-the aliens had done this before to Sophie and she came back MAD!


Giles and Octavia spent the rest of the day looking for Jet and Beanie...but they were gone!


Meanwhile on the alien spaceship...

Jet woke up in some kind of human pod....three scary faces gazed at her in awe...who were Xeron, Vortex and Nebula. Jet started to scream. The aliens were deafened by her wailing! Jet didn't what happened her. She felt sleepy...

"Let's get rid of the human!" shouted Nebula.

"Yeah far too noisy for my liking," added Xeron.

"It was your idea to scare some of these humans anyway." Vortex told Xeron.

"Th girl can go...we will have to exchange her bodymass for something on earth though." uttered Xeron

"Agreed!" chanted Vortex.

Jet had fallen into a deep for Beanie...he was gone.....


Back at Atlantis High the press were questioning the students and teachers.....

"Is it true that he male abducted by the aliens had plastic surgery on his ears?" roared a reporter to Violet Perfusion.

"No more can try the Atlantis High hotline on A11ien 222 333...calls charged at $50 a minute!" laughed Violet who was trying to lock herself into her Principal's office away from the paparazai.

The reporters then turned on Giles and Octavia who were both in English class with Coach Shane reading Moby Dick.

"Last day we never finished deciding what position Moby Dick played on where...Giles can you..."Coach Shane was interupted by several reporters.

"Are you Giles...your class told us you were friends with the abducted..can you tell us more?"

"LEAVE US ALONE" cried Octavia.

"Hey guys... you reporters are so who wants to put me on the front page!" Sophie butted in and took the limelight.

Saved by the bell, Giles and Octavia rushed to Violet's office....Vita was gone as usual and they both enetered.

"Excuse me." said Profusion. "What are you doing here?"

"We want your help with finding Jet and Beanie" said Giles.

"How can I be of any use?" laughed Profusion.

"Come with us and we will show you" said a nervous Octavia.

Profusion agreed, changed her wig and they all set off.


Later that evening the silver lining was on his rounds helping people or giving himself a dangerous task.

The alien spaceship hovered over the beach and was ready to release Jet.

The silver lining saw and ran to stop the spacship!!!!

"No more abductions! he wailed

Jet was beamed her place a man in a pink suit and cape was seen being beamed up...the silver lining!

"Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!" he screamed!


The following day and Atlantis High is a hide of activity for reporters and media yet again.

"Last time on ALIEN 51 we looked at the recent abductions of 2 local students who attended this school, since then one has been returned, with the mysterious hero, the silver lining risking his life and beening taken away by the aliens. Jet Marigold has been returned safely and I speak wih her now!" said the Lew Siffer reporter.

"Get lost!" moaned Jet.

Giles joins Jet.

"Jet, welcome home," laughed Giles.

"Is Beanie...." questioned Jet.

"No, still no sign, I'm afraid," sighed Giles.

"What am I going to do without him Giles...." cried Jet.

"Listen, I've spoken to Octavia and Violet and we concocted a little business propostion to get Beanie back," said Giles.

"How, what?" murmured Jet.

"The aliens randomly fly over our school, taking who they want, for horrible, painful experiments, and if we can bring the spaceship down, chances are we will rescue Beanie and the Siver Lining person!"

"Right, when is this happening, the sooner the better..."

"Meet us tonight with goggles, ear muffs and protective clothing."



The night is cold and windy....unusual for Sunset Cove. Jet, Violet Profusion, Giles and Octavia stand ready.

"Speakers," checked Octavia.

"Check," replied Giles.



"Organic pasta with a sprinkle of lightly toasted marshmallow squares coated in rich honey mildew from the Catatatatat plant.


"Thats everything then!"

A beam of light filled the sky and the alien spaceship apppeared before the attackers.

"Now, Violet, now!" shouted Octavia.

"Beanie, Silver Lining, step into the light, grab my hand." screamed Violet.

"No, Violet, that's poltergiest!" wailed Giles.

"Whoops, wrong script." laughed Profusion.

"Beanie, Silver Lining, can you hear me?" asked Violet.

"Ear muffs on, googles on, loud speaker full blast!" roared Jet.

The loud speakers roared over the school. The land shook with the loud bang of Violet's voice on max sound. The aliens spaceship struggled to gain control and fell too the ground......

Part 4
The alien ship spun round and round until finally it zoomed toward the beach where it crashed. A cloud of smoke choked Giles and the rest.
Suddenly thr doors opened. Out popped three aliens, Nebula, Vortex  and Xeron. They rushed from the beach into the sea.
"Beanie?," a worried Jet ran to the spaceship.
Giles was shocked, Octavia ran after Jet.
"I'm rich, rich, rich, rich, after the aliens Giles, they are worth millions of designer clothes, make up, hair colouring, oh and I call the alien ship, we can sell them to the zoo!" laughed Violet.
Violet jumped into the sea and hopelessly after the aliens.Giles ran to the ship.
"Well, Octavia, Jet, Beanie?"
"He's here, he's alive," cried Jet.
"I'm here too..." cried the silver lining.
"Your a genius Giles, great work." Octavia laughed and kissed the modest Giles.
The next day at Atlantis High, the media were pestering Violet and the teachers for information on the crash.
"$100 for one hours information, reporters, special price only today." cried Vita, trying to make an easy profit.
Violet had a special guest at the school, a millionaire by the name of Alformus Rign wanting to buy the spaceship.
"Here's the deal Mr. Rig, Rign sorry. I couldn't catch the aliens so I'll knock $500 off the craft and add in Vita as your personal assistant for life, so that comes to 65 million dollars. That seems fair to me with all expenses of course."  said a nervous Profusion.
"You drive a hard bargain Mrs. Profusion, but I want that craft, here's $60 million and you'll have the rest later, but first I must sign the agreement."
Violet nuged the contract in front of the millionaire and twiddled her thumbs, something always went wrong to stop here becoming rich.
At that moment the aliens surfaced on the beach and raced to the spacecraft, the media who had left the school rushed to the scene along with half of the noisy school.
" Violet, what is that noise, sounds like a spacecraft taking off."
" No, Mr. Rign, it's just the school waterworks, they are really noisy." said Violet.
"Oh no, my pen has run out Violet"
At that moment the spacecraft flew into the air just as the millionaire turned.
"Deals off lady" shouted the man.
" No Mr. Riggly, you don;t understand, one of our students is taking it for a test drive, please wait!"
"You are a crook Miss Profusion."
" Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" screamed Violet.
Meanwhile Beanie, Jet and Giles were in the classroom, not interested in the aliens.
"Thanks for saving me Giles!" thanked Beanie
" From me too" laughed Jet.
"It was Octavia, I just thought up the idea."
"So, what now?" asked Jet.
"Well I guess everything just goes back to normal until the next time everything goes mad" said Giles.
"What's a normal?" questioned Beanie.
" The opposite of sunset cove, mate" sniggered Giles
" Maybe it's a conspiracy" Jet said.