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Coming Soon!
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Here are ten cool reasons to return to my site very soon .....

1. Daily updates and it's now all MY work, I guarentee no copying text from other sites!
2. Big Atlantis Brother - every day there will be an action packed review and a chance to vote for the next eviction!
3. New features to come which include another 2 quizes, set on easy, medium or deadly!
4. Voting polls, let your views be heard, and not just on Atlantis High but on life!
5. Detailed cast profiles are in the making and as you read this will be ready for reading!
6. An amazing new award for sites which I think deserve high praise for their work on Atlantis High, also there will be a Atlantis High biggest fan award!
7. Wicked, a mind-boggling game is also in the making!
8. A site ring to link all the great Atlantis High sites.
9. New news bulletin to be made"
10. Finally all the up to date gossip on SERIES 2 SECRETS, I'll be asking Cloud Nine, Channel 5 and many more about the future of the show, if you want to know when AH is coming to your screens e-mail me and I'll do my best to find out!