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Here is the story behind Atlantis High!

Atlantis High is a fictional comedy covering teen, school and adult life with the addition of weird characters, places and plots.

Atlantis High is a series from the fantastic Cloud 9, also famous for its addictive dram, THE TRIBE.  
Imagine a world where aliens rule supreme, bronzed hunks and beauty queens mingle with secret agents and superheroes, and the Underworld takes on a whole new meaning.

Set in a American High School  built on the lost city of Atlantis, Atlantis High is pure family entertainment that appeals to all ages.

The series is quite popular and is building up to a huge worldwide fanbase. Series 2 is also in the works (that's a secret!)
Available as 26 x half-hour episodes, the series follows the adventures of a 16-year-old nerd, Giles Gordon, who moves with his funny mother (Dorothy) and Grandpa to Sunset Cove, a beautiful coastal surfing town where the sun is always shining, the people are all beautiful and where everything is perfect...or so it seems.

But Giles soon discovers that the inhabitants of Sunset Cove are in fact completely wacky and eccentric characters, especially the students and teachers at the new school, Atlantis High.Giles' world is turned upside down as he encounters students with pointy ears, blue hair and psychic powers, teachers who are obsessed with their looks and who have a fondness for eating rodents; and secret rooms, double-agents, conspiracy theories and wild imaginations.

Expect a wild roller coaster ride as Giles tries to discover the mystery surrounding his new home. As the adventures continue to unfold, his life is about to change forever in ways he never expected...

The first episode aired on Channel 5 in the UK on September 8th 2001 and I look forward to many more thrills and spills in the shows future!


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