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Tribe Mistress

Series 3!


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Tribemistress Message # 21 - Found Something!

Someone has lost their marbles! Tribemistress was out scouring the sectors when she stumbled across some marbles. Tribemistress thinks these are very important and might know who they belong to.

Tribemistress believes they belong to the Guardian but how did they get out here when the Guardian is locked up in the Mall?

But is he?

Tribemistress has a sneaking suspicion that The G is on the loose ... without his marbles!

Tribemistress will stay close to home. Definitely don't want to run into the Guardian!

As for Trudy and Amber, Tribemistress knows they are in danger but hasn't been able to find where they are. Tribemistress hopes that someone finds them soon.

The Election is coming up and Tribemistress will make sure he casts his vote. It is a difficult choice but Democracy rules! Tribemistress can't wait to find out who the new leader will be. Will Tribeworld change completely? Some changes are definitely in store with a new leader to run the city.

For now Tribemistress will sit tight and see what happens ...

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