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Marks Atlantis World is now more bigger and better than before....the first Marks Atlantis High website published on the 24th October 2001!


Atlantis High is an hilarious, wacky programme about a young nerd called Giles Gordon. He moves to a beach town called Sunset Cove and that's when everything goes mad! Sunset Cove is full of superheros, evil bunnies and aliens! The people who live in Sunset Cove are a bit weird, some work for top secret agencies, some are obsessed with conspiracies, others, well, others have a serious personality problem. Read on to find out more ...

Watch and die with laughter at this silly show!

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Welcome to Marks Atlantis World... a fansite dedicated to the wacky and wonderful 'Atlantis High' series. On my website I have info on the cast, past, present and future episodes of AH and piles of other stuff to do. Enjoy!!!!
I love Alantis High cause it is so different, there are some cool characters...some normal others...deformed! I love all the characters because they are all so wacky and strange...the series is 1 in a million. Give it up for the producers!!!!!!!!!

All pictures and some info copyright the one and only OFFICIAL ATLANTIS HIGH

Check it is brill, it offers links, first hand AH gossip and up-to-date news on the latest Atlantis BUZZ!!!