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Series 1
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Episode 1


GILES & his Mom, DOROTHY are moving to the coast. Sunset Cove turns out to be depressingly perfect (despite the A.W.O.L. radiation bomb), but GILES is soon captivated when he sees the girl in purple.
He starts his new school, and is saved from a CHARITY COLLECTOR by SOPHIE (& her poltergeist). As he visits the Principals office, a suspicious character gravitates towards his unaccompanied bag. GILES is put up a couple of grades, and while VITA (VIOLETs secretary) informs him of the fundamental school rule, VIOLET (The Principal) has a plastic-surgery crisis.

GILES entrance wakes MR DORSEYs science class. Theyre even more annoyed when SOPHIE arrives with her poltergeist and a mouse which escapes into GILES bag. During the commotion, he spots MR DORSEY swallowing a tail. While GILES gets zapped SOPHIE discovers a fluffy pink G-string in his bag. Though he pleads innocence, GILES has broken the fundamental school rule. Hes immediately ostracised. Just when things cant get any worse, they do.


DOROTHYs new job is at the school canteen. And GILES meets JET, a food additive addict. Only after hes introduced her to fresh food, and shes gone to rip the scab off reality, does he learn of her allergies. JOSHll hold GILES personally responsible for the consequences.

GILES finds a secret passage leading to the Girls changing rooms. There he spies a bag identical to his own, and the girl without the purple dress. He also discovers BEANIE drawing shower-heads. BEANIE swears GILES to secrecy. In return he gives GILES an address (to source the mystery underwear and clear GILES good name). As GILES stakes out the address, he hears JETs stolen the detonator for the missing bomb.


He convinces the CHARITY COLLECTOR (who lives at the house) to help him when a masked superhero, wearing pink G-string, threatens to haul the collector in for an out of date license. GILES discovers that the masked hero is JOSH!! He threatens to expose JOSH as a wearer of a pink leotard unless the unmasked hero helps find JET.

GILES follows the fruit peel, and finds the bombs been detonated. JET demands pentasodium triphosphate, and only then will she hand over the detonator. OCTAVIA appears; an exchange is made but where is the key to the detonator? GILES & OCTAVIA find the key in a crate of underwear. A mystery is solved. GILES is happy (OCTAVIA kisses him), and VIOLET is pleased to find her imported lingerie. The one school rule is cancelled. MR DORSEY reports back to base - its time for phase two.



As GILES recollects his fleeting moment of passion with OCTAVIA, a spaceship of mice-munching aliens are watching his every move.

BEANIE gets a helping hand/eye as he passes through SHANE and VIOLETS cool detector at school. ANTONY and ANTONIA have broken up. GILES gets a dismal cool rating from the detector, but at least OCTAVIA wasnt there to see he spoke too soon, as she has arrived. His miracle arrives when SOPHIEs poltergeist is offended by ANTONY and causes havoc.

ANTONY and ANTONIA, separately of course, involve reluctant GILES in their relationship issues. BEANIE has been sketching showerheads again. GILES and JOSH squabble over who will pick up OCTAVIAS dropped textbook. OCTAVIA spurns JOSHS advances and hopes to see GILES at the beach party. But the beach is a horror to GILES. And is he sexy enough for her?


In science class GILES is the only one able to verbally answer MR DORSEYS question as to which one species can consciously alter its appearance to attract a mate. DOROTHY advises GILES to get in touch with his INNER CHILD to solve his attitude towards his body. This leads GILES to consider letting go of his younger self and move on. SOPHIES temper and poltergeist appear when GILES tells her that ANTONY does not like her.

COACH SHANE gives GILES a bottle of pills to help him in his quest for a decent body. But his body is a temple. JET offers to swap the pills for some of her own additives. GILES relents and takes her ointment, which promises he will look "great". He rubs it on his chest, but it doesnt seem to work. Meanwhile JET gets pumped up after taking the pills she gained in the exchange. Beach party day arrives but GILES cant go topless with a "green" chest! INNER CHILD suggests he take OCTAVIA elsewhere.


GILES is looking for OCTAVIA when DOROTHY exits from her "cleaning job" at the Vermonts house. Thats odd. MRS VERMONT says she is already at the beach. GILES faces his fear and goes to the beach party. JOSH and ANTONY tease him about wearing a shirt, so he takes it off wishing for super powers. They all laugh at his green chest, but at least OCTAVIA wasnt there to see the teasing then he spies her out to sea. Is she in trouble? GILES, a non-swimmer, paddles to rescue her in an inflatable.

OCTAVIA is nowhere to be seen in the sea. Has she been eaten by twin sharks? A periscope with OCTAVIAS eye in it appears then punctures GILES inflatable. GILES cant swim! MR DORSEY watches from the beach he wants to tell his side of the story.



GILES is miraculously washed ashore. Not that the medics care; theyre busy reviving a rich old man whos fallen victim to SABRINA. While GILES recovers, DOROTHY tells him he probably imagined the whole OCTAVIA-periscope incident. Afterall its a confusing time; shifting to a new school etc. When GRANDPA starts up about mysterious DENNIS, DOROTHY abruptly ends the conversation.

A new school day, sponsored by Reb-elz Coolwear (R.C.). JOSH asks OCTAVIA out. She declines; theyre too different. He likes comic-book superheroes whereas she prefers reality. JOSH defends the fight against evil but OCTAVIA tells him he wouldnt know evil if it walked up and bit him.

GILES is shocked by OCTAVIAs aloof attitude. He nearly drowned trying to save her! She denies all knowledge of the periscope.


R.C. Marketing Director, MR LEW SIFFER announces the upcoming launch of the new line. SABRINA models the range. ANTONIAs sold. It must be cool if SABRINAs wearing it. As LEW SIFFER outlines the correct way of wearing R.C., GILES, pestering OCTAVIA about a periscope, disrupts assembly and is promptly sent to VIOLETs office. Meanwhile, JOSH is on a quest to find evil. COACH SHANE has an idea.

ANTONIA pleads with SABRINA to let her wear the R.C, but SABRINA says no. She fumes at GILES for stealing her scene.

JOSH continues his search for evil. ANTONIA, JET and ANTONY are no help. SOPHIE suggests the ultimate evil channel. MR DORSEY has the aliens observing earth costumes through the Science Room TV. JOSH and SOPHIE steal in and switch to ultimate evil channel (sponsored by R.C); they see evil people that look like beekeepers. The aliens use their matter-generating module to get R.C.


GILES skips class to talk to someone, but the only person available is BEANIE. DOROTHYs worried to see her son with the weird kid. She gives GILES a card for therapist, DR. LEGGZ.

JOSH, the superhero, combats evil bee-keepers.

JET tells GILES her conspiracy theories about R.C., and toasters. GILES is sent to the guidance counsellor. MR QUENTIN tells GILES; "if the cap fits wear it". GILES takes it as a sign to embrace R.C. Happy at last, he heads for the Launch. But SABRINA is horrified. She doesnt want to look like GILES. The launch is ruined. And if that isnt bad enough, GILES learns that OCTAVIA has a secret!



OCTAVIA has orders to eliminate GILES, who is now terrified of going to school. DOROTHY thinks she knows why - its hot and hell have to wear skimpies. But theres no getting out of it.

Aliens, VORTEX, NEBULA, and XERON, hurtle towards Earth in their spaceship.

GILES confides in JET OCTAVIA wants him dead, but JET dismisses the idea. BEANIE is intrigued by JETs frisbee. She relents and lets him keep it. While GILES avoids the sinister OCTAVIA, he learns that BEANIE lives in the Boiler Room. JET is way impressed. They discover BEANIE has been at Atlantis High for a long time. But for how long?

Next week I will have Episode 4 and 5 up. The aliens are in serious trouble and Jet and Giles make a strange discovery about Beanie...