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Series 4, Episodes 1-5

Find out here what happened in the first few episodes of Series 4!


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Episode 1


The Techno invasion has begun. Have the adults returned?

AMBER is in labour, with the pain getting worse. BRAY is not there.

ELLIE drags JACK from the mall so she can report on the landing of the plane for the Amulet. KC had already left to investigate.

EBONY instructs her Mosquitos supporters to investigate the invading forces. MOZ is missing. DEE, a Mosquito, tells EBONY that MOZ went to the airstrip to investigate herself. The Mozzies rebel against EBONY.

PRIDE and TRUDY resolve to find BRAY and AMBER.

A masked Techno makes himself known to AMBER.

CLOE hopes to see adults again.

EBONY and LEX discuss their potential fighting power against the invaders. TRUDY and PRIDE request BRAY and AMBER be returned.

CLOE discovers the mall is empty ... until she spies masked intruders.


DEE and some Mosquitos approach a group of Technos to find out if they are adults and have come to help. VED, a Techno, reveals that they aren't adults ... and the only people thay are going to help are themselves. JACK and ELLIE witness the Techno attack on the Mosquitos. They rescue an injured DEE and take her back to the Mall.

JAY, VED'S older brother and the more responsible of the two, calls for the Techno sound and fury.


JACK and ELLIE return with DEE to discover the Mall empty. Where has everyone else gone? They aren't with EBONY.

PRIDE and TRUDY are led to the city limits where LEX "farewelled" BRAY and AMBER. Sudden explosions are heard erupting from the city. LEX and PRIDE return, fearful for TAI SAN, MAY ans the others. TRUDY and BRADY continue on their quest alone.

VED and their convoy of Techno vehicles plough through the city. A tehno-beat throbs from the hundreds of car-mounted speakers.

TRUDY happens upon the barn and hears AMBER scream in pain.

The Mall Rats regroup and lament the loss of their friends. CLOE is found unharmed under a bed. EBONY vows that this new enemy will not defeat them!