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Created 18th March 2000!

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The day the virus came, all the adults became sick and eventually died because of the desease, lots of children died to. Now the world has no laws or rules to go by except those of face paint and fashion, the only way, is to STAY ALIVE! Groups of scared, hungry kids group together to make Tribes and together they create their own nightmares or fantasys. How will they cope with life and death, love and hate and other probing problems? A Tribe called the Mall Rats try to build a better future out of the mess that the virus left behind...the mess that is TRIBEWORLD!

I love the Tribe, it is really different from other shows. It has cool characters such as Ebony, Lex, The Guardian and Amber. It is really exciting to see what happens next...

When Salene fell down the stairs I was worried, when Amber and Zandra died I was sad and when I saw Tally Andy and Ned around I laughed.

Wherever your from Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany or America you can always be prepared for the Tribe to crop up somewhere.

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